Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Best in Show..Photographer of the Year!

Well...I am elated to say that one of my prints titled "Meet me at Midnight" was awarded "Best in Show" last week at CTPPA's last monthly print competition..which also awards me with Connecticut's "Photographer of the Year"! It was quite a year for me...not only in competition, but in personal & professional endeavors as well. And I truly feel blessed to be able to do what I love to do. I hope that I can continue to improve upon this great start in print competition...and that the opening of the new studio will help me to better serve my clients, as well as help me bring my photography to a new level.
I had never entered a print competition until 2007...but I have to say that it really has been a wonderful learning experience for me. It has opened my eyes and truly helped me appreciate all the knowledge and implementation that goes into the making of a successful image. For all of you photographers out there who have not entered competitions yet, I encourage you to start. Throw your work out there and see what happens..but most of all, try to learn from the critiques. It will really help you grow as a photographer.