Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Broad Brook Dairy..the end of an era..

If you are from my neck of the woods, then you have probably know of the old Broad Brook Dairy in Preston. I remember going there many times in my youth for good ole fashioned hand made ice cream. Stepping into the dairy bar was like stepping back in time. Nothing was ever updated. In it's late years, the dairy was only open a few short months, and it seemed that there was no ryhme or reason to the season. One day you'd drive by and the place looked like it had been abandoned for years. Then, a couple of days later the grass got cut and they were open for business! It was truly a cherished landmark by those of us from the area and has since been replaced by Buttonwood Farms, which many of you from outside the area may know of, from the attention it receives for it's sunflower fields and campaign for the Make-a wish Foundation.

I drove by Broad Brook a couple of weeks ago on my way back from a photographic seminar and much to my dismay, they were tearing it down. The back was ripped of the building and the place cleared out. I had always wanted to get inside and photograph it, but it looks like I waited a little too long. In all honesty, I figured that there had to have been plenty of snakes, rats, etc. living in there, so I wasn't stroming the doors to get in there. ;-P

Anyways, I happened to have a few spaces left on my card and managed to take a few images of what was left when I was passing. There were 3 rusted out milk trucks left in back that hadn't yet been hauled away. Last registered in 1968. Back when then milk man still delivered. I hope these images can give you a glimpe of days gone by.