Wednesday, December 19, 2007

More Wild Kingdom!

Here is the latest in the Wild Kingdom shots..a coyote taken this morning in our back yard. I would have gotten some better shots if I wasn't running around the house looking for my camera again!!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Wild Kingdom!!

As some of you know, we moved to Preston, CT this summer, and what a change it has been moving out to the country. We now have an array of wildlife that visits frequently. So far we have had a flock of turkey, tons of deer, red foxes, coyotes, rabbits, and now...a Red tailed Hawks. My daughter Gabriella is loving the sights, but I think I enjoy them the most! I missed a shot of a red fox (it's the big one Elizabeth)in the snow the other day, by the time I ran upstair to get my trotted back into the brush. It was about 20 feet from the house. Anyways, the following shots were taken off our back deck today. Man, I need to get me a longer lens!! Hope you enjoy!

Studio interior photos

Here are some photos of how the inside is progressing. The walls still need to be capped on the top, the floors finished and a ton of other things..but it's getting there!!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Studio Update!

Well, it looks like it is really happening!! After months of delays..I will be finally getting the keys to the new studio at The Crocker House in New London on January 1st!! I was actually happy that it didn't happen sooner as my plate has been just too full this season to take on anything else. 45 weddings, new house that I had to get ready to move into, old house to get ready to sell, family, etc. etc. etc. The new venture is both extremely exciting for me..and insanely scary at the same time. But you won't get anywhere in life without taking risks!
Walls were painted this weekend and I will be stopping down to check them out tomorrow. I can't believe how hard it was picking out colors!!! I wanted a edgy contemporary feel, yet also wanted to keep it warm & inviting. I really hope I am on the right track.
The studio will have a lobby with reception desk,plasma screen, couch, & Eames lounge chair. Then, as you proceed down the brick hallway, my office, then the camera room. At the end of the hall is the bathroom/changing area, and screening room (projection area). Lastly, there is a production office where all the work will get done! There are 14 foot black ceilings and hardwood floors throughout. Location is awesome and I will try to post some recent pics tomorrow of it's progress. Until then, here are some images on the outside of the space.

WPD Photo of the Month!

Here is the image that was just selected as The Wedding Photography Directory's Image of the Month! Titled "Bright Future" , you can read the story behind creating the image at the WPD's site when it's posted in a few weeks.

Fun with zooming

Here's a image of my Xmas tree. I shot it handheld at 1/4 second and zoomed the lens during the exposure. Pretty coolio. Happy Holidays!!